If you'd like to participate more fully, please check as many of the following areas in which you have an interest, background or expertise.  This in no way obligates you, but should we need help, we may give you a call. Please print this, add your check mark(s) and email to:  wmjgs2 @ gmail.com.


Phone Number:

Email Address:

Below are examples of volunteer opportunities and you may think of others.  If so, please don’t hesitate to inform us. Use the comment/suggestion box below.

Make props that might be needed for meetings, conferences, displays, etc.
Help design and/or make posters for general meetings, conferences, or ads in other society bulletins
Help design displays for libraries, historical societies, etc.
Help staff a table at a local conference
Help put out materials at meetings
Become a "buddy" to someone new to our society
Make telephone calls to members 
Stuff envelopes when needed
Summarize a speaker's talk
Write an article of interest to you
Write a book review/suggest a book
Take photos at our general meetings or at special events for our archives
Take photos at cemeteries for our cemetery project
Print out notices for a meeting and post them locally at places you think people will read them
Help teach at our beginner's workshop
Speak at local conferences on behalf of WMJGS
Share a "brick wall" or success story at a meeting
Write press releases and articles about upcoming programs for community newspapers
Place articles in the news media, traditional and online
Send e-mail to your local cable station announcing our upcoming meeting
Help members with computer research 
Enter data from our cemetery project into an Excel spreadsheet
Read Hebrew tombstone data for our cemetery project
Help translate small documents at meetings (Please indicate the languages that you could translate.)
Hebrew Yiddish German Polish
French Dutch Russian Spanish
Other,   please specify

Your line of work (past or present)  

Please list any other comments/suggestions below:


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