Forbes library also has a fantastic section for those who are researching local genealogy. WMJGS holds many of its meetings at Forbes. Heritage Quest Online and are excellent databases that are available for FREE use at Forbes Library! Heritage Quest Online may also be accessed remotely if you have a Forbes Library Card. 

With the support of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, WMJGS has been able to establish a small collection of Jewish genealogy reference works at the Forbes Library in Northampton. The first part of this collection will be for reference only, but we hope to add circulating books over time. As of December 2005, the holdings are:

A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames From Galicia Alexander Beider Avotaynu, Bergenfield NJ 2004 600pp ISBN 1-886223-19-X Lists 25,000 surnames used by Jews in Galicia, giving the districts within Galicia where the names appeared, variants on the name, and etymology (meaning of the name.)

A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames From the Kingdom of Poland Alexander Beider Avotaynu, Teaneck NJ 1996 570 pp ISBN 0-9626373-9-4 A compilation of 32,000 Jewish surnames with origins in that part of the Russian Empire known as the “Kingdom of Poland.” Surnames are listed alphabetically, and indexed with the Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex.

A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames From the Russian Empire Alexander Beider Avotaynu, Teaneck NJ 1993 760pp A compilation of 50,000 Jewish surnames from the Russian Pale of Settlement, showing etymology, variations, and where the names appeared. Surnames are listed alphabetically, and indexed with the Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex.

Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy Sallyann Amdur Sack and Gary Mokotoff, Eds. Avotaynu, Bergenfield NJ 2004 608 pp ISBN 1-886223-17-3

Avotaynu: The International Review of Jewish Genealogy. Periodical. Sallyann Amdur Sack and Gary Mokotoff, editors. Avotayno, Inc. 155 North Washington AV, Bergenfield, NJ 07621. Subscription beginning 2005.

The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust Shmuel Spector and Geoffrey Wigoder, eds. New York University Press, New York & Yad Vashem, Jerusalem 2001 3 volume set ISBN 0-8147-9376-8

Following the Paper Trail: A Multilingual Translation Guide Jonathan D. Shea and William F. Hoffman. Avotaynu, Inc. Teaneck NJ 1994 241 pp ISBN 0-9626373-4-3

From Generation to Generation: How to Trace Your Jewish Genealogy and Personal History. Arthur Kurzweil. Jossey-Bass San Francisco 2004 367 pp ISBN 0-7879-7051-4 A good beginner’s guide, with a personal approach to each step.

How to Document Victims and Locate Survivors of the Holocaust Gary Mokotoff. Avotaynu, Inc. Teaneck NJ 1995 194 pp ISBN 0-9626373-8-6

Jewish Cemeteries of Western Massachusetts, with errata Rabbi Edward A. Cohen & Lewis Goldfarb, Godfrey Memorial Library, Middletown CT 2005, 202 pages

Jews in the Russian Army: Through the Military Towards Modernity (1827--1914) Yohanan M. Petrovsky-Shtern, PhD dissertation Brandeis University, 2001, 434 pages

Morton Allan Directory of European Passenger Steamship Arrivals Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc. Baltimore 2001 268 pp ISBN 0-8063-0830-3 For the years 1890-1930 at New York and for the years 1904-1926 at Phildelphia, Boston and Baltimore.

Sourcebook for Jewish Genealogies and Family Histories. David S. Zubatsky and Irwin M. Berent. Avotaynu, Inc. Bergenfield, NJ, 2005. 378 pages. A guide to over 22,000 published and manuscript genealogies in archives and libraries worldwide, surnames are listed alphabetically, with a Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex index. ISBN 1-886223-03-3.

There Once Was a World: A 900-Year Chronicle of the Shtetl of Eishyshok

Yaffa Eliach 800 pp. 1998. A history of this shtetl, with elaboration of shtetl culture in general in 19th century Eastern Europe, and with a narrative of the survival and fate of the author’s family. ISBN 0-316-23252-1

Where Once We Walked - Revised Edition A Guide to the Jewish Communities Destroyed in the Holocaust. By Gary Mokotoff and Sallyann Amdur Sack, with Alexander Sharon. Avotaynu, Inc Teaneck, NJ 2002 704 pages. ISBN 1-886223-15-7. Completely revised and updated from the 1991 edition to reflect the changes in the political geography of Central and Eastern Europe. This is a gazetteer of over 23,500 Central and Eastern European localities, including 17,000 alternate names, map coordinates, and Jewish population prior to the Holocaust. It is arranged alphabetically and indexed phonetically by Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex, with references for each locality.

Boston Public Library

On-line registration for a Boston Public Library eCard is
now available to anyone individual who lives, works, attends
school, or owns property in the Commonwealth of
Massachusetts and is at least 13 years of age. With this
eCard you can have access to 140 on-line databases with
innumerable publications, including several resources of
local genealogical interest.

US Census 1790-1930, fully indexed
(except 1930 partially indexed)
Historical Boston Globe, 1872-1924
Historical New York Times, 1851-2004
Obituaries from the Globe and the Herald (limited years)

Family from Philadelphia? Full text search of the
Philadelphia Inquirer 1860-1922. Many other historical
newspapers from all parts of the US.

To register: access:

Another library of interest is the Godfrey Library in Middletown CT. As of 2006, these were some of their holdings:

Book ID Title Type Author Year Place

1 American Passenger Arrival Records IM Michael Tepper 1988 US

2 Ancestry Family Historian?s Address Book REF Juliana S. Smith 1997

3 Beginner?s Workshop in Jewish Genealogy BAS Eileen Polakoff 1994

4 Bible Almanac REF ed. Packer. et al 1980

5 Book of Life; Directory of Hebrew Names and Dates NAM Martha Marenof 1958

6 Bravest Battle:Warsaw Ghetto Uprising HOL Dan Kurzman 1976 POL

7 Candles In the Night FIC ed. Joseph L.Baron 1940

8 Captain Dreyfus HX Nicholas Halasz 1955

9 Connecticut City Directories:Bristol REF CT

10 Connecticut City Directories:Durham REF CT

11 Connecticut City Directories:Guilford REF CT

12 Connecticut City Directories:Hartford REF

13 Connecticut City Directories:Manchester REF

14 Connecticut City Directories:Meriden REF

15 Connecticut City Directories:Torrington REF

16 Connecticut City Directories:Torrington-Winsted REF

17 Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Poland NAM Alexander Beider

18 Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russia NAM Alexander Beider

19 Do People Grow on Family Trees BAS Ira Wolfman 1991

20 Documents of Our Ancestors REF Michael Meshenberg 1996

21 Encyclopedia of Jewish Genealogy REF Arthur Kurzweil & Miriam Weiner 1991

22 Every Day Remembrance Day HX Simon Wiesenthal 1986

23 Finding Our Fathers BAS Dan Rottenberg 1986

24 Fifty Year Almanac-Hebrew & English Dates REF

25 Frequently Asked Questions by Warren Blatt BAS

27 Geneal Resources in the New York Metro Area REF Estelle Guzik 1989 NY

28 Genealogist‘s Address Book REF Elizabeth P. Bentley 1995

29 German Minority Census of 1939 REF Thomas Edlund 1996 GER

30 Golden Heritage:Fed of Jew Phil of NY (1917-1967) HX 1969 NY

31 Guide To Archives in the Whitney Museum REF Ottilia Koel 1988 NY

32 Guide to Research in the National Archives REF 1985 US

33 Hamburg Passengers from Poland & Russia IM Geraldine Moser 1996

34 Hartford Jews 1659-1970 REF Rabbi Morris Silverman 1970 CT

35 History of Connecticut Vol. II REF Harold Bingham 1962 CT

36 History of Jews in Cologne HX Adolf Kober 1940 GER

37 History of Jews in London HX Elkan Adler 1930 ENG

38 History of Jews in Regensburg and Augsburg HX Raphael Straus 1939 GER

39 History of Jews in Rome HX Hermann Vogelstein 1941 ITA

40 History of Jews in Venice HX Cecil Roth 1930 ITA

41 History of the Modern World REF R. Palmer 1962 GEN

42 How We Lived HX Irving Howe 1979

43 In Search of Your European Roots REF Angus Baxter EUR

44 Internation’l Vital Records Handbook 3rd Editon REF Thomas Jay Kemp 1995 INTL

45 Jewish Genealogical Family Finder - Feb 1994 REF JGS Inc.

46 JewishGen Family Finder ? June 1998 REF JewishGen, Inc.

47 8th Summer Seminar ? Philadelphia 1989 BAS

48 9th Summer Seminar-Los Angles 1990 BAS

49 10th Summer Seminar? Salt Lake City 1991 BAS

50 11th Summer Seminar? New York City 1992 BAS

51 12th Summer Seminar? Toronto 1993 BAS

52 4th International Seminar? Jerusalem 1994 BAS

53 15th Summer Seminar? Boston 1996 BAS

54 5th International Seminar- Paris 1997 BAS

55 Jewish History Atlas REF Martin Gilbert 1976 INTL

56 Jewish Genealogy BIBL David Zubatsky & Irwin Berent 1984

57 Jewish Times PER Howard Simons 1988 LITH

58 Jewish Revision Lists-Lithuanian Archives REF Harold Rhode 1996

59 Jewish Genealogy BAS David Zubatsky and Irwin Berent 1984

60 The Jews;Origins, America, Connecticut HX Sally Klitz 1980 CT

61 Jews in New Haven HX Jonathan Sarna CT

62 Jews In New Haven Vol. III HX Barry Herman 1981 CT

63 Krakow PIC Edward Hartwig POL

64 Kristallnacht HOL Anthony Read 1989

65 Lifeboat is Full HOL Alfred Hasler 1969 SWIT

66 Lithuanian Jewish Holocaust Survivors HOL LITH

67 Main Cities of Europe ? Michelin Guide 1989 REF EUR

68 Migration from the Russian Empire Vol.1(1875-1882) IM-NC Ira Glazier ed RUS

69 Migration from the Russian Empire Vol. 2(1882-86) IM-NC Ira Glazier ed RUS

70 Migration from the Russian Empire Vol. 3 1886-87) IM-NC Ira Glazier ed RUS

71 Migration from the Russian Empire Vol. 4(1888-89) IM-NC Ira Glazier ed RUS

72 Migration from the Russian Empire Vol. 5(1889-90) IM-NC Ira Glazier ed RUS

73 Migration from the Russian Empire Vol. 6(1890-1) IM-NC Ira Glazier ed RUS

74 Morton Allan Directory IM 1987

75 My Jewish Roots REF David Kranzler 1979

76 National Geographic Index 1947-83 REF

77 New Canaan Historical Society Yearbook (1943) HX CT

78 New Canaan Historical Society Yearbook (1951) HX CT

79 One Remains HX Stewart Perowne 1954

80 Our Crowd HX Stephen Birmingham 1967

81 Pioneers in Service HX Barbara Solomon 1956

82 Polish Jews PHO Roman Vishniac 1975

83 Poor Cousins IM Ande Manners 1972 RUS

84 Resources for Jewish Genealogy-Boston area REF Warren Blatt 1996 MA

85 Sourcebook -Jewish Genealogies & Family Histories REF David Zubatsky 1996

86 Standard Jewish Enclopedia REF Cecil Roth 1959

87 Synagogues in Connecticut REF Jewish History Society of Greater Hartford

88 They Came In Ships IM John Colleta 1993

89 Translation Guide to Polish Documents REF Judy Frazin 1989

90 Voyage of the Damned HOL Gordon Thomas 1974

91 The Wall FIC John Hersey 1981 POL

92 Where Once We Walked REF Gary Mokotoff and Sallyann Sack 1991 EUR

93 Who?s Who in American Jewry:1938-9 REF John Simons US

94 Who?s Who In the Bible REF George Barr 1975

95 Yesterdays Streets FIC Silvia Tennenbaum 1981

96 The Ceiling:Chodorow, Galicia VID Beth Hatefutsoth POL

97 Jews of Poland:Bialystok, Lvov, Vilna, Warsaw VID POL

98 Avotaynu JOU

99 1991-2 Guide to International Jewish Research REF Bloom & Schafler

100 Diary of Friedrich Zinner (1856-1933) PERS

101 Discovering Your Jewish Ancestors BAS Barbara Krasner-Khait 2001

102 Encyclopedia..Life Before and During the Holocaust HOL Shmuel Spector(ed.) 2001

103 The Family Orchard FIC Naomi Eve 2000

104 Genealogy Correspondence Resource Guide REF

105 Getting Started In Jewish Genealogy BAS

106 Jewish Cemetery in Burghaun Germany (1609-1941) REF GER

107 Jewish Genealogy Yearbook 2000 REF IAJGS

108 The Jews of Khazaria REF KHAZ

109 The Kielce Radom Special Interest Group Journal J POL

110 Portraits of Our Past HX

111 U.S. Vital Records REF US

112 Jewish Forum with Joey Russell VID January 2, 2001, Show 1 & 2 2001

113 Auswandererhafen Hamburg Emigration IM by Jorg Berlin 2003 GER

114 Dictionary of Ashkenazic Given Names NAM Alexander Beider 2001

115 Discovering Your Jewish Ancestors BAS

116 The American Jews REF US

117 Encyclopedia of the Jewish Religion REF

118 The Grandees, America?s Sephardic Elite HX

119 Hartford Connecticut and Vicinity REF CT

120 The 1910 Federal Population Census REF US

121 The 1920 Federal Population Census REF US

122 Connecticut City Directories:Avon 1974-5 REF CT

123 Connecticut City Directories:Goshen 1950 REF CT

124 Connecticut City Directories:Hartford 1929 REF CT

125 Connecticut City Directories:Hartford 1941 REF CT

126 Connecticut City Directories:Hartford 1942 REF CT

127 Connecticut City Directories:Hartford 1950 REF CT

128 Connecticut City Directories:Hartford 1971 REF CT

129 Connecticut City Directories: Litchfield 1950 REF CT

130 Connecticut City Directories:Meriden 1986 REF CT

131 Connecticut City Directories:Meriden 1987 REF CT

132 Connecticut City Directories:New Britain 1967 REF CT

133 Connecticut City Directories:New Britain 1968 REF CT

134 Connecticut City Directories:Norfolk 1950 REF CT

135 Connecticut City Directories:Torrington 1914-5 REF CT

136 Connecticut City Directories:Torrington 1950 REF CT

137 Connecticut City Directories:Waterbury 1987 REF CT

138 Connecticut City Directories:Winsted 1914-5 REF CT

139 Connecticut City Directories:Winsted 1950 REF CT

140 History of the Jews in Poland and Russia HX 2001 RUS

141 Holocaust in Lithuania 1941-1945 HOL LITH

142 Footsteps of Columbus, Jews in America 1654-1880 HX US

143 The Jewish Almanac, Traditions REF

144 Jewish Genealogy Beginner?s Guide BAS

145 Jewish Exodus from Iraq 1948-1951 HX IRAQ

146 Jewish Prague Guide to the Monuments REF CZEC

147 Jewish Surnames in Prague (15th-18thCenturies) NAM CZEC

148 The Jews of Eastern Europe HX EUR

149 My Romanian Ancestor Quest PERS ROUM

150 Old Country Tales FIC

151 Old Jewish Cemetery and the Klausen Synagogue REF CZEC

152 Pictorial History of the Jewish People HX

153 Portal To America:The Lower East Side (1870-1925) HX NY

154 ..., The Rise of America?s Eastern European Jews HX EUR

155 The Russian Consular Records Index and Catalog REF RUS

156 Spanish and Portuguese Jewry:Bef & after 1492 HX SPAN

157 Vilniaus Phone Book 1997 REF LITH

158 WOWW Companion, a Guide to the Communities REF

159 The Yuter Family PERS Elinor V. Yuter 1996

160 Jewish Forum with Joey Russell VID January 2, 2001, Show 1 & 2

161 The Arizonian-Arizona-Phoenix N Arizona-Phoenix AZ Vol. 1 (2000-

162 Chronicle N Arizona-Tucson AZ Vol. 10 ? (1993

163 Roots Key N California-Los Angeles CA Vol. 9- (1994-

164 Shorashim, Avi Avot, Vol. 6-7(1990-1,3-7,(1994-7) N California-Orange County CA

165 Nizkor, CA Vol. 6-7(1990-91Vol. 2 ?1989) N California-Sacramento

166 Discovery N California-San Diego CA Vol. 4- (1989-

167 Zichron Note Vol. 9- (1989- N California-San Francisco CA

168 Chai N Colorado-Denver CO Vol.1-2 (1996-98)

169 Poe Sham, Vol. 1 (1998-99) N Colorado-Colorado Springs CO

170 Mishpacha N D.C. DC Vol. 8- (1988 -

171 Branches N Florida-Miami FL Vol. 1- (1989-

172 Etz Chaim N Florida-Orlando FL Vol. 1- (1991-

173 Scattered Seeds Vol 1-(1992- N Florida-Palm Beach County FL

174 Mishpochology N Florida-Sarasota FL Vol. 1- (1996-

175 Yichus Y?all N Georgia GA Vol. 1- (1994-

176 Search N Illinois IL Vol. 9-11

177 Morasha N Illinois-Chicago IL Vol. 4- (1986-

178 Illiana March 88 ?90, Summer 1994- N Illinois-South Chicago Suburb IL

179 Bayou Branches Vol. 1 (1995)Vol. 3 ? (1997 N Louisiana LA

180 Mass-Pocha N Massachusetts MA Vol.1- (1992-

181 Generations Vol. 8(1992) Vol.10- (1994 N Michigan MI

182 Generations Vol. 1 (1995) Vol.3 ? (1997- N Missouri MO

183 Family Legacies Vol. 1 (1998) N Nevada NV

184 Newsletter Vol. 4(1990) Vol. 6-10 (1992-6) N New Mexico NM

185 The Gatherers Vol. 1- (2000- N New Jersey-Bergen County NJ

186 Yichus Vol.4-5 (89-91)Vol. 9 (‘94) Vol.11-12 (1996-7) N New Jersey-North Jersey NJ

187 Mekorot Vol. 4- (2000- N New York-Buffalo NY

188 Dorot Vol. 10- (1989- N New York-New York City NY

189 Lineage, Vol. 1- (1988- N New York-Long Island NY

190 News, Vol. 1-5 (1992-1998) N New York-Rochester NY

191 Ancestree, Vol. 1-4 (1993-6) N Ohio-Cincinnati OH

192 Cleveland Kol- Vol.1-5 (1987-1991) Vol.8- (1994- N Ohio-Cleveland OH

193 Reflections-Ohio-Columbus, Vol. 16-17 (1997-98) N Ohio-Columbus OH

194 Shalshelet, Vol. 3(1992)Vol.5-8 (1994-7)Fall 1999- N Oregon OR

195 Dor to Door-Texas, Vol. 1 ? (1995- N Texas TX

196 Av Va Em-Virginia, Vol 2 N Viriginia VA

197 Newsletter-Washington State, Vol. 1 (1999) N Washington State WA

198 Family Finding-Wisconsin, Vol. 1-10 (1990-9) N Wisconsin WI

199 Kosher Koala Vol.1-4 (1994-7) Vol. 6 -(1999- N Australia AUST

200 Geracoes/Brasil, Vol.1 (1994- N Brazil BRAZ

201 Shem Tov Vol. 5- (1989- N Canada CAN

202 Stammbaum, various N Germany GER

203 Shemot Vol. 2- (1994- N Great Britain ENG

204 Sharsheret Hadorot, Vol. 3- (1989- N Israel ISR

205 Moreshet, Vol.1-2 (1994-5) N Israel ISR

206 Misjpoge Vol. 3 (1990) N Netherlands NETH

207 Maajan Die Quelle, various N Switzerland SWIT

208 Pathways & PassagesPolish Genealogy Society of CT N CT various

209 Genealogical Resources in the New York Metro Area REF 2003 NY

210 Erensia Sefardi N Sefardic SPAN

211 Articles About Indiana Jews HX 1982 IN

212 Congregation B'Nai Torah-50 Years-Indianapolis HX 1973 IN

213 Indiana Jewish Historical Society HX 1976 IN

214 Indiana Jewish History HX 1977 IN

215 Indiana Jewish History #22 HX 1987 IN

216 Record of Service HX Mrs. Robert Schwab 1974 IN

217 History of the Jewish Community of Columbus, IN HX 1978 IN

218 John Jacob Hays-Fort Wayne. IN PERS Joseph Levine 1973 IN

219 Memoirs and Reflections # 17 HX 1983 IN

220 Indiana Jewish History #23 HX 1988 IN

221 Jewish Life in Indiana HX 1980 IN

222 Emergence of a Jewish Community-Richmond HX 1981 IN

223 Indiana Jewish History-Hammond, Ft. Wayne #26 HX 1990 IN

224 Indiana Jewish History #24 HX 1988 IN

225 Indiana Jewish History #20 HX 1986 IN

226 Indiana Jewish History #25 HX 1989 IN

227 Israel Elkin-Autobiography PERS 1980 IN

228 The First Hundred and Twenty-Five Years HX Ruth G. Zweig 1973 IN

229 From Peddlers ro Merchants HX Joseph Levine 1979 IN

230 Indiana Jewish History #19 HX 1985 IN

231 Indiana Jewish History #21 HX 1986 IN

232 Indiana Jewish History # 27 HX 1991 IN

233 Biography of Minette Braun PERS Harriet Miller 1975 IN

234 Indiana Jewish History #30 HX 1994 IN

235 Jewish Experience?Before the Civil War #6 HX W. William Wimberly, II1976 IN

236 Hoosier Rabbinate HX Rabbi Morris Feuerlicht 1974 IN

237 A Vanished World PHOT Roman Vishniac 1983 EEUR

238 Yizor Books-Index REF 2004

239 Chronicles, Vol.6- (1987) N Philadelphia PA

240 From Generation to Generation BAS Arthur Kurzweil 2004

241 Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy REF Sack and Mokotoff eds 2004

242 24th IAJGS International Conference-Jerusalem CD 2004

243 Genealogy Shareware for Internet AYD Edward Rosenbaum 2002

244 World of Our Fathers HX Irving Howe 1976

245 Connecticut City Directories-New Britain-1971 REF CT

246 Connecticut City Directories-New Britain-1978 REF CT

247 Connecticut City Directories-Hartford-1959 REF CT

248 Family History Made Easy REF Loretto Dennis Szucs 1998

249 A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Galicia REF Alexander Beider 2004

250 Connecticut Jewish History JOU Jewish Hist Soc. Of Gr Hartford 1990 CT

251 Montreal Forum, Sep 2005 vol 1 N JGS Montreal

252 Jewish Home for the Elderly Family Photo Album PER

253 The Jews in Shanghai HX Pan Guang 1995

254 The Jews in China HX Pan Guang 2001

255 The Litvaks HX Dov Levin 2000 LITH

256 IAJGS Conference-Las Vegas CD 2005

257 Jews Of India HX Benjamin J. Israel INDIA

258 Encyclopedia of New Haven Jews Vol. I REF Werner S. Hirsch 2006 CT

259 Encyclopedia of New Haven Jews Vol. II REF Werner S. Hirsch 2006 CT

260 Tell Then We Remember HOL Susan D. Bachrach 1994 EUR

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