1) This groups is currently inactive. We suggestion you join the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston or the Jewish Genealogical Society of CT. The Greater Boston one is a larger group and several of us are members or receive their excellent newsletter, MassPocha; the CT one is geographically closer. Polish Genealogy Society of MA is a great local group that we have also worked with. There is also the Western MA Genealogy Society.

2) April 26-29, 2017 there will be a big genealogy conference in Springfield MA. www.nergc.org

3) You can email our past president with any questions to Joanne at js24saltman@gmail.com

4) If there is interest in having Jewish genealogy events or meetings to get past research roadblocks, possibly we can create a new version of this group. Email Jonathon at producer@wholehealthexpo.com I have also recently added resource guide to this website and hope it may help you in your research.

5) We have created a Facebook Group so researchers can post and read messages. www.facebook.com/groups/WMJGS

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